Big East Stock Report 2-10-2014

-Posted by Buzz-

We decided to implement a new weekly post at Big East and Beyond that will focus on how each team in the conference has trended over the past week. Some will go up, others will go down, and a few may go unchanged. Sort of like stocks (hence the creative title). What makes me excited to do this particular piece is the ever changing landscape in the Big East this year. Besides the 2 outliers on each end (Creighton, Villanova, Butler, and DePaul) everyone else has between 4 and 6 conference wins. This will create lots of movement from week to week. 7 teams have legitimate hopes to punch a ticket into the Big Dance, but likely only 3 to 4 will succeed. Who will it be? Only time can tell. Without further ado, here is our first Big East Stock Report:


Villanova: Overall 21-2 (9-1) …Past Week- W vs. Xav 81-58, W vs. Hall 70-54

High Price for good reason.

For the Wildcats it’s no longer about whether or not they will play in March, but where they will be seeded. With Creighton losing and two more extremely convincing wins against NCAA hopeful Xavier and heating up Seton Hall, the Wildcats are the top dogs in the Big East. That can obviously change if they go get shellacked in Omaha this Sunday, but until then buy Villanova nationally, not just within the conference. People continue to expect this stock to fall, but it just keeps rising.

Creighton: Overall 19-4 (9-2)… Past Week- W vs. Dep 78-66, L @ SJU 65-70

Tough loss, but certainly not selling.

The Blue Jays beat up lowly DePaul on Friday and then suffered defeat at the hands of St. John’s last night. Have no fear though; hold onto your Creighton stock. They still can score, and the still have the frontrunner to win National Player of the Year in Doug McDermott. I’m a believer in this team, but there is one statement up caution: both Creighton losses in conference are on the road, and they still have four more games away from the CenturyLink Center (Butler, Marquette, Xavier, and Georgetown). Not easy sledding ahead, but they should be able to navigate it well.

Xavier: Overall 16-7 (6-4)… Past Week- L @ Vill 58-81, W vs. Prov 59-53

Don’t overpay for them, but don’t sell short either.

Xavier proved this week that they are a notch below a Big East championship this year, but certainly don’t take this team too lightly. They won a game Saturday against Providence to split the season series against the Friars, stopping a 3 game losing streak, and keeping them in the current NCAA projections. Chris Mack has the Musketeers where they need to be at this point in the season. I would say that Xavier is the first team in the second tier of the Big East for now, but they will have to keep winning to keep Georgetown or St. John’s from passing them.

Providence: Overall 16-8 (6-5)… Past Week- L vs. SJU 76-86, L @ Xav 53-59

They fought as long as they could, but time to start selling.

Let’s face it, most people were surprised Ed Cooley was able to keep his team alive this long. Ravished by suspension and injury, the Friars play a whopping 6 guys consistent minutes. They have now lost 3 of 4 and the lone win has come against DePaul, which isn’t saying much. There’s obviously a chance for them to bounce back this week if they can beat Georgetown on the road tonight. I don’t see it happening, do you?

Marquette: Overall 13-10 (5-5)… Past Week- W vs. But 69-62

Let this play out a little more before committing.

For the past 13 games, the Marquette doesn’t have one winning streak or one losing streak. That’s right, win-loss-win-loss…etc. This week they only played one game and won home at Butler. Does that mean they are ready to get it going? Probably not based on recent history, but you never know. The Golden Eagles certainly have the talent and they also possess a coach that can get it done in Buzz Williams. This week brings Seton Hall on the road and Xavier at home, it’s now or never for this team. I’m not ready to jump on the bandwagon and say they are going to get it going. Taking the wait and see approach on Marquette.

St. John’s: Overall 15-9 (5-6)… Past Week- W @ Prov 86-76, W vs. Crei 70-65

Time to jump on board, this one’s just starting to come alive.

Steve Lavin has finally gotten this team playing like the Red Storm faithful expected them to all year. The past week has consisted of beating two teams that are currently in the NCAA picture in Providence and Creighton. Creighton especially is a resume booster to inch them back near the at large conversation. St. John’s has done a ton of work to dig themselves out of their 0 and 5 Big East hole. The difference to me is Rysheed Jordan. In their 3 game win streak he has 20 assists to 6 turnovers. Can he keep it rolling the rest of the way? I think so, buy the Red Storm ASAP.

Georgetown: Overall 14-9 (5-6)… Past Week- W @Dep 71-59, W vs. But 71-63

Don’t look now the Hoyas are getting it together, but beware.

After a 5 game winning streak most people were ready to call this Georgetown team dead in the water. Then they beat Michigan State on a neutral court without two of the Spartans front court starters. Next, they trailed DePaul at the half and pulled out a win. Finally, they grinded out a game against Butler. Yes 3 in a row is 3 in a row and the Michigan State on your list of wins is impressive with or without Adreian Payne in the lineup, but let’s not get carried away either. This Georgetown team still has a lot of work to do, and I’m not sure they have what it takes to do it. So yes, the stock of JT3’s team has risen but I need to see more before I take the leap of faith on this team.

Seton Hall: Overall 13-10 (4-6)…  Past Week- L @Vill 53-70

They are starting to show signs of improvement.

The Pirates went to Villanova this week and played them extremely tough for the first half. Yes, they got blown out of the water in the second half, but I’m certainly not going to hold it against them for that. Kevin Willard has his team getting better. They aren’t in Villanova’s league, but that a most teams aren’t. After going into Xavier and winning I thought playing with the Wildcats for a half was a good follow up performance. Therefore, that loss isn’t moving the stock one way or another.

Butler: Overall 12-11 (2-9)… Past Week- L @ Marq 62-69, L @ Gtwn 63-71

They can’t get over the hump and win, don’t want this one.

Brandon Miller’s Butler Bulldogs have been picking up valuable experience in its first go round in the Big East, but that isn’t soothing for an investor’s ears. You want wins and this team is just not producing. This isn’t good being its next 5 games are Xavier, Creighton, St. John’s, Providence, and Villanova. If you’re investing into next year I would buy, but as far as this season is concerned, stay away.

DePaul: Overall 10-14 (2-9)… Past Week-  L vs. Gtwn 59-71, L @ Creigh 66-78

Do people even own DePaul stock?

Losses are starting to pile up on the Blue Demons. They did lead at the half against Georgetown and hang tough against Creighton; however, moral victories won’t soothe the DePaul fan base much anymore. I think this program needs things to start going right and playing Villanova isn’t exactly what they need to make that happen. This stock may as well be poisonous.


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