DePaul Blue Demons: Big East Tournament Profile

Oliver Purnell

Team Name- DePaul Blue Demons (#10)

Coach- Oliver Purnell

Top Performer- Brandon Young (16.2 PPG, 44% FG, 3.6 APG)

DePaul’s Season-
Oliver Purnell and the Blue Demons have had a troubling season. After losing star senior Cleveland Melvin for the year due to disciplinary reasons, the Blue Demons have struggled to find points. They have lost 12 of their last 13, including a most recent 30+ point loss to Butler at home. Going into the tournament, DePaul has to hope for a miracle.

DePaul’s Road- The Blue Demons have the bottom (10) seed, and start with Georgetown (7). If they were to advance, they would face off with Creighton (2) in the second round.

DePaul’s Prospects-
The DePaul Blue Demons would need to exert some type of play they haven’t done all year. Without their best player, the Blue Demons rely on freshman Billy Garrett Jr. and Tommy Hamilton, while senior Brandon Young tries to do most of the scoring. He needs to go for about 40 PPG to let DePaul have a chance in this tournament. Their two games against Georgetown have been 7 and 12 point losses respectively, but Creighton has beaten DePaul by double digits twice. They would need a lot of bad shooting from their opponents, and their younger players to step up in a big way.

NCAA Prospects- DePaul is headed home to watch the tournament from their couches unless they win the Big East tournament. If I’m a betting man, I’m not putting my house on the ten seed to run the table.

Woody’s Take- I don’t see DePaul getting passed the first round unless Georgetown has thrown in the towel for the season. However, Georgetown needs a great Big East themselves for NCAA tournament potential, so don’t expect that to happen. I see DePaul taking a trip home early, even though that isn’t going very far out on the limb.


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