Back in Andy’s Toy Box: Preparing for the 2014-15 Big East



What’s the best part about being in the new Big East? Not having to worry about football. Sure we can enjoy college football and the new playoff structure, but that’s as fans. The calling card of our schools are the basketball programs.

Year two of the “new” Big East is filled with storylines. Most importantly, in this one writer’s opinion, is the ability of the conference to collectively assert itself as a national power in the sport. Yes, the conference isn’t the superpower it once was; however, it isn’t going to just step aside either. Our programs continue to  have top coaches, continue to recruit on the highest level, and continue to be televised on national network Fox Sports 1. The only thing left to do is prove it on the court that we are an extremely competitive league from top to bottom.

Over the course of the next two months as we crawl ever closer towards the new season keep an eye on Big East and Beyond. Our cast of Toys are all back and will be filling you in on everything you need to know. These include how each finished last season, how recruiting and transfers have restructured rosters over the summer, and what we expect to see this winter.

We are looking forward to basketball season and hope that you’re getting the itch too!

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