Fashion Police – First Edition

– Written by Rex –

I hope you are enjoying the opening of Big East play as much as we are! We not only acknowledge great play on the hardwood, but we also take notice to the little things that go into the basketball atmosphere. Not that we are necessarily fashionistas, but there are some things that have already rubbed us the wrong way in the early goings of conference play when in comes to the aesthetics. Here are the top 5 “no-nos” in the eyes of BE&B thus far.

#5 Matt Stainbrook Goggle/Glasses

Matt, I understand that you need them to see, but here in the 21st century we have these things called contacts, and contacts help one see without the big honking rec-specs. I’ve seen you play with them, I’ve seen you play without them. Do us a favor in 2015, and leave them on your night stand with your retainer and superhero comics.

Stainbrook Glasses

#4 Steve Wojciechowski Color Combo

Marquette’s head coach Steve Wojciechowski against DePaul wore a dark charcoal suit, with an eye catching purple shirt, along with a yellow and blue dotted tie. I may not be an expert, but it definitely caught my attention at a closer glance. The more and more I looked at his get-up, the farther and farther my head got cocked to the side. I kept saying to myself, “Hey, that’s not a thing, is it?”. The Golden Eagles have great colors, and purple just isn’t one of them.

Wojo Color Combo

#3 Villanova’s Gray Uniforms

Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden, the Villanova Wildcats rocked their gray alternate jerseys. To be honest, these jerseys should have been left in the depths of the athletic department’s equipment room. I kept thinking of Big East rival Georgetown every time they stormed down the court in their late rout of the St. John Red Storm. Hopefully, the good folks at Nike can come up with something in their color-labs for the #8 team in the nation better than a gray version of their regular jerseys.

Villanova Grays

#2 Chris Obekpa’s Short Shorts

Now I know many are glad to see this flashback to the 1980’s with the short shorts. While some are reminded of Knicks glory days at the Garden, I’m more reminded of Richard Simmonds. At 6-10, there’s a whole lot of upper thigh being revealed for what should be good, clean family television. To tell me that normal shorts are “too restrictive while running” has this sports writer shaking his head.


#1 Steve Lavin on Fox Sports 1

Ohhhhhh boy Stevie, I love ya and I think you’re a class act, but that red Under Armor jacket needs to stay in your wife’s closet. I’m pretty sure my girlfriend has the same one in orange. Keep the interview simple with a nice suit, maybe a classy button-down, and leave the workout gear for girls in the Sketchers commercials.


Much love,



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