Wanted: College Basketball Degenerates

You can call me Buzz. Not because of the coach, but because of the super cool space ranger Buzz Lightyear. This blog has been created by myself and my compadre Zurg. (Yes, it is ironic being that Zurg and Buzz are arch enemies for all you Toy Story aficionados.) Anyway, the two of us are really excited about this blog. We love college basketball and more importantly we love the Big East. Not the old Big East, not your Father’s Big East, not Carmelo Anthony’s Big East, but the Big East we have right now. Sure it would be fun to have Syracuse around, but that’s irrelevant now. Out with the old and in with the new.

Zurg and I breathe basketball and that’s what caused the decision to start writing it down. We love debating. We love discussing. We know we aren’t always right, heck most of the time we are probably wrong.  That’s where you guys come in. Comment on our posts, tweet at us, direct message us, dial up Star Command on your phone and let’s discuss hoops. That’s what our goal is, that’s what we want. Since we are Zurg and Buzz, you can be the little green guys who are obsessed with the Clawwwww. From two basketball junkies to anyone within ear shot, let’s talk Big East basketball.




Tell us what you think! Comment here!

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